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Chess Is Not Only A Game

Chess is not only a game, it's an intelligent movement of your enemies brain.    The political chessboard can be found in two different ways. In some international acts between states or in national acts between political parties.    But even though the...

We Are Our Roots

Where are your Roots? Have You forgotten them, growth height and width?    Your Roots are, where You are coming from, where You belong, and who You are. Even how height and width You are growing, You are always grounded by your roots.    Said by Carl Jung:...

Existentialism is Humanism

Lad os se på menneskehedens og borgernes rettigheder. " e e Nogle af de  mest indflydelsesrige personer af vores politiske indflydelse og forståelse af de sidste 100 år.    Eksistentialisme er forbundet med adskillige europæiske filosoffer fra 19. og 20....

What is Politics

Vi taler alle om politik, om politikere og har mange betydninger i debatten.  Men virkelig, hvad er politik? Og hvordan er den indflydelse, politik har på vores liv.  Fra den gamle tid, fra grækernes forståelse af politik, er politik det sæt af aktiviteter, der er...

Intelligent Systems

Are the intelligent systems taking the control of the Humans? What is a robot's influence in the human world? Will the future influence be made by the intelligence system self?  There is so many questions in this contest.  Intelligent systems are all technologically...

Silent Heart

The meaning of the Silent Heart.  Our faith is an affair of the heart.  This doesn’t mean that it is a private matter.  On the contrary, it touches the depth in everyone, and so it is what brings us most profoundly together.  In minds, in behavior, in the talk, in...

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