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by | Nov 29, 2017


Your purchase of Dreamvision Marketing Group products is final. You are being billed after you make a purchase of one or multiple products. This is a one time payment. All our products are non-refundable, due to their General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL), which is a widely used free software license, that guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. Our refund service negotiate and discuss each issue case by case, meaning that end user is free to email Dreamvision Marketing Group staff or use contact form on this website, social networks to let us know about the difficulties they face during the first 30 (thirty) days, in this case, if one of our developers could not solve the problem, client will be covered by the money back guarantee. Within that period refund requests can be accepted if they correspond to the following IMPORTANT requirements:

  • The company does not refund for a third party service that client desires to apply for, whether it is a database issue, backup request or any other paid service of a hosting company, third party service or individual. We are responsible for our services and plugins only. And your decisions to apply for a third party service is still holds on you, but not the company or our services. We also don’t refund in cases where a client has made changes in the codes of our products and requires a refund.
  • Before asking the refund user should clearly describe the problem to the mentioned platforms, showing the issue on a live website by providing links, screenshots, system log info and more details if required by customer service.
  • We do not accept refund requests without any evidence of the problems faced with the plugin and without describing the reasons of a refund.

After the problem is examined by our experts we MAKE refund in cases:

  • Dysfunction of the product which come from our product, and can not be fixed within mentioned period of time.
  • Global bugs found in the plugin ( the bug is global if it should be updated within rather long period of time).

In the case of minor deficiencies that can be corrected, your payment is final. We DON’T refund if:

  • You mistakenly bought the wrong product (in this case, we make discounts if you purchase the right one)
  • Do not like the product ( we gave all information and demonstration for you to be sure if the product is what you need)
  • The product doesn’t have features you thought it should have ( free version is made to show how it functions and in user manual you can find all features that pro version has, also we have fast support that can answer all your questions)
  • There is minor deficiencies, which can be corrected, but it is not given any chance for us to fix
  • There are problems which come from other plugins or theme incompatibility

Being a customer, please get sure if you buy the right product, get sure it has all you need and use to ask questions before purchases in order to avoid problems.


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